Above Grade Level- Private Tutoring for the Chester County

  • Do you have concerns about your child’s school performance?
  • Is your child struggling in a subject?
  • Do you worry about whether your child will be prepared for the SAT exam—or life beyond high school?
  • Is your child an accelerated learner who deserves the challenge of a rigorous enrichment program?


Above Grade Level has a 30-year proven record of success in all these areas!

Students thrive in our 1-on-1 tutoring program. Our dedicated, highly qualified tutors come right to your home with a learning plan that has been custom-created for your child!

What’s so unique about Above Grade Level?


Quite simply…


  • The quality and expertise of our tutors
  • Our 1-on-1, completely customized approach to learning
  • Our skill evaluation process, which enables us to accurately identify skill levels
  • Our curriculum, which is second to none in education


The gift of success lasts a lifetime!

Give your child a very special gift: success in school—and a boost in confidence.


Pick up the phone and call us! Your child’s success is waiting.


The Above Grade Level  one-to-one tutoring method and multi-sensory curriculum form the basis for our impressive success rate. Our system has been developed, tested, and perfected over a 30-year period by academic experts. It is fully customized and adaptable to fit each student’s unique needs. As a supplement to students’ current school work, Above Grade Level‘s in-home personalized tutoring presents learning in a way that is both relevant and fun.

In addition to individualized instruction, our tutors mentor students in effective study skills that are essential for academic achievement and future success in life. Above Grade Level‘s students not only experience academic successes, but also grow in self-assurance and confidence that carry over from their classrooms to life.