How to increase your chances of College Scholarships

With average college tuition’s having quadrupled in recent years—in large part a result of the ease of obtaining government student loans—excellent SAT or ACT scores can be a student’s salvation from 15 years of student loan debt. Excellent SAT/ACT scores can be a ticket to scholarships and admission to a student’s college of choice.

Whether we like the system or not, SAT/ACT scores have become critical factors in the college application process. High scores will open doors, while low scores are likely to close doors.

The best way to achieve excellent scores on the SAT or ACT exams is quite simply to know the answers. That’s where Above Grade Level excels. We deliver one-on-one SAT/ACT tutoring that targets each student’s needs very specifically. Using an internationally recognized skill evaluation, we identify skill gaps—and we target them. Our highly qualified tutors come right to a student’s front doorstep—with a curriculum that has taken 30+ years to develop and refine. Nothing could be more convenient or effective!


Above Grade Level tutors also teach test-taking strategies, coach students on graphing calculator skills, give practice tests with scoring, & help students to write those all-important college application essays.


What we do for students…is pure genius!


Registration is now being taken for August SAT prep Boot Camps.


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