The school year is almost here!

It’s August. Summer is drawing to a close, and families with kids are beginning to transition to back-to-school mode. 

Just imagine the boost of confidence it would be for students to start school this September ahead of their game… and really knock the socks off their teachers and classmates! We can help to make that happen!

We’re reaching out to students of all ages who might have ended last school year as Clark Kent…but want to return in the fall as Superman!

End-of-summer is the perfect time for us to test students, kindergarten through 12th grade, to make sure their skills are STRONG for the next school year.

* We can schedule your child for a free skill assessment, which they take online in the comfort & convenience of home. 
* We bring the results to your home and review them together with you. 
* We create personalized learning plans that target each student’s individual needs. We fill skill gaps as well as challenge accelerated students! 
* If desired, we send a carefully selected & highly qualified professional tutor to your home. No more driving to one more activity!
     We can bring the joy back to learning! Kids love our tutors, and our in-home tutoring program could not be more effective or more convenient. Our unique educational program has over 30 years of successful experience and measurable results.

We offer in-home professional tutoring in most subjects, K-12, including SAT exam prep and AP courses.

Call us today to schedule your child’s no-cost, no-obligation skill assessment and in-home consultation. 

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What we’re doing for kids…is pure genius!



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