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“Take Ten” is a daily, ten-minute routine that improves on the two key elements of improving grades: organization and learning. 

How It Works

When students sit down to do their homework each evening, they should take the first ten minutes to organize papers and review notes from all their classes:

  • TWO minutes to clean out the book bag and organize papers in folders or a binder.
  • EIGHT minutes to review all the notes and handouts that were distributed throughout the day.

This daily review helps the brain process information much faster, dramatically reduces study time for tests, helps students work through their homework faster, and will ensure that assignments get turned in!

Why Does It Work?

This process is very brain-friendly. It caters to the way the brain works on several levels:

  • Reviewing information within 24 hours helps the brain transfer information from short-term to long-term memory.
  • A review allows the brain to make new connections with information, making long-term recall easier. The brain works best when it has time to let new information “simmer” and be processed by the unconscious mind.
  • Students more easily shift into higher levels of thinkingWhen reviewing new information at a different time and/or in a different setting, the brain develops a new perspective on information. This new perspective allows the brain to channel the information at higher levels, moving beyond rote recall.
  • “Take Ten” makes higher level thinking and organization familiar processes for the brain! Habits get hard-coded into the brain; when neuron pathways are used several times, the brain takes note and coats those neuron pathways with a substance called myelin to preserve them. Take Ten is a simple habit to develop. It won’t take long before high-gear learning and organization become permanent for your students.


Susan Kruger, M.Ed. 
Former Struggling Student


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 “Take Ten.” Students save hours of homework and study time by taking ten minutes every day to organize their papers and review notes: 2 minutes to clean out their bags and sort papers in their binder, and 8 minutes to review notes from all classes that day.

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